Highlight: Farm Chock Chai

It ‘s hard to miss it from the road when you arrive from Bangkok. Huge parking lots, hundreds, thousands on peak days? of people everywhere, queuing at the Umm milk ice cream parlor, 3 restaurants, souvenirs shops… it’ s a ‘must stop’ for Thai people on the way, or back, to North-eastern province and Khao Yai park.

Today, Farm Chokchai runs a substantial dairy farm with over 3,000 head of dairy cattle, a breed bred exclusively by Chokchai Farm. The species is Chokchai Friesian which was developed by crossbreeding Holstein Friesian (about 93%) and a native Thai species (7%).

Thanks to their development and protection, we are still able to see those gorgeous ‘western’ fields and lands all the way to the park.

Originally, Farm Chokchai was solely an agriculture venture in a country deeply rooted in farming. Farm Chokchai continues to evolve from a well-established agriculture business into a dynamic company that now includes a vibrant customer-centered service division.

Today the farm Chochai setting along Mittraphap Rd. have developped into a full attraction park dedicated to agro-tourism and Thai awareness about farming.

Besides the restaurants and ice cream parlors, you will found there plenty of attractions with their agro-tour: get the real feel of the farm life by seeing and learning through experiences such as milking cow, making fresh milk ice cream, seeing cowboy live shows, dogs rounding up sheep, dogs showing their skills, visiting a nursery, an ATV short track, farm visits and more…

Web: Farm Chockchai

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