Pak Chong markets

Pak Chong morning market
Pak Chong ‘s morning market is in the heart of the Pak Chong town.
Pak chong Market is a ‘fresh’ market, raw meat, seafood, vegetables are offered there at low prices. It s a good shot for a tourist who wish to see a traditional Thai market in upcountry.
Everyday from 6 a.m

Pak Chong night market
Every night the street will be crowded with vendors and their carts offering delicious snacks, barbecue on the go, gorgeous desserts and all kind of meals to eat on the go or sited. Pakchong was originally a market town and it worth a visit to experience all kind of great food.
Every evening in town center

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  1. Ben Salmons says:

    Hey, I just noticed this blog. Did a piece about Khao Yai myself a few weeks ago:

    Would you like to share links?

    Regards, Ben

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