Locals’ pick, best restaurants in Korat/ Nakhon Ratchassima

Dining at Krua Cha Pang, Korat restaurant

Krua Cha Pang

Best Korat  Restaurants

Krua Cha Pang: It is diagonally opposite Chomsurang Hotel on Mahatthai Road.
Tel : 044-255767, 044-341404
Recommended Dishes:
* Fried Khorat noodle
* shrimp chilli paste
* fried chicken in cashew nut
* fried snake head fish with herbal sauce
* pork spare rib stew
* and shrimp in tamarind soup

Siao Siao Restaurant (Chinese) Near the Bua Rong Road – Pho Klang Road intersection, in front of Thao Suranari Monument.Tel 0 4424 2863, 0 4424 3180.
Recommended Dishes:
* Chinese spring roll
* fried vegetable
* braised goose leg with noodle
* and drunken chicken

Wang Fa Restaurant Soi Mittraphap 4 opposite Chevrolet showroom on Mittraphap Road, Nakhon Ratchasima.Tel 0 4495 4199.
Recommended dishes:
* House salad
* deep fried snapper topped with fish sauce
* German style pork leg
* spicy Chinese herbal soup with pork tendon
* and fried five vegetables Chinese style

Aed Kai Yang Mahatthai (Isan and Vietnamese food) Next to Chomsurang Hotel on Mahatthai Road. Tel 0 4424 3782.
Recommended Dishes:
* Grilled chicken
* steamed pork sausage
* Isan style sausage
* minced pork salad
* grilled pork neck
* Vietnamese food and noodle topped with coconut milk

(source K bank)

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