Highlight: Dan Kwian pottery village

Literally, Dan Kwian means ‘bullock cart checkpoint.’ The village was named because it used to be a rest area for caravan traders, who traveled in bull carts from Nakhon Ratchasima to Buriram, Surin and further onward to lower Khmer. In the old days, local people of the district made different types of pottery from the clay from the banks of the Moon River. All these products were made in great quantities and bartered for food or necessary materials as well as sold in other regions. Today product ranges have developped to home and garden decoration.
Situated on Highway No. 224, about 14 kilometers from the city of Nakhon Ratchasima/Korat,Dan Kwian is a village noted for a unique pottery widely used for interior and outdoor decoration. The uniqueness of Dan Kwian black bronze coming from the Moun River clay is its durability, pliability and rusty color.

Dan Kwian Pottery is famous all around Thailand but much cheaper from the source in the village itself. The wholesale earthenware district is a prime place to pick up pots, vases, jars and garden accessories for less than Bt100 a piece. Open daily.

Dan Kwian Pottery shop list
( source wikitravel- not checked)

  • Chao Din (ชาวดิน) 148 Mu 3 Nakhon Ratchasima-Chok Chai Road, Tel: 0 4437 5194-5
  • ศูนย์หัตถกรรมด่านเกวียน Mu 3 Ratchasima – Chokgchai Road , Tel. 0 44338509, 044 338-444
  • SYR Dankwien Plaza 250 Mu 3 Ratchasima – Chokchai Road , Tel. 0 44375404, http://www.syrdandwian@syr-plaza.com
  • Din Dam (ดินดำ) Ratchasima-Chokchai Road, Amphoe Chokchai, Tel: 0 4437 5199
  • Din Pan (ดินปั้น) 131 Mu 3 Nakhon Ratchasim- Chok Chai, Road, Tel: 0 4437 5204, 0 4437 5248
  • Din Pao (ดินเผา) 113, Ratchasima-Chokchai Road, Amphoe Chockchai, Tel: 0 4437 5200-1
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