PB Valley resort

PB Valley is the considered as the best Thai wine, the PB Valley vineyard area is 500 hectares out of 2,500 hectares ,all together with 400 hectares being planted with wine grapes and 100 hectares of table grapes. That make for a surprising hills and vineyards scenery that we don’t expect in south-east Asia. Check our post about PB valley for more informations about their wine and winery visits.
PB Valley host some lovely lodges within charming vineyard scenery, with panorama view  of surrounded Dong Payayen mountain ranges. There is 7 rooms type and comfort available in different lodges and cottages, for 2 up to 8 people.
Prices range vary depending of weekdays and start at 1800 thb for a double up to 6200 thb for a 8 people lodge.
The Great Hornbill restaurant is a Khao Yai popular spot for the food and scenery.
Location: Phyayen
Web: Pb Valley

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