Activities: hiking trails in the park

Map of main trekking and hiking trails in Khao Yai national park

Map of main trekking and hiking trails in Khao Yai

Remember if you walk a relatively long trail  inform the office ahead and take a guide. For all overnight treks in the jungle you must inform the park office, and walk with a park’s ranger. Check the local weather forecasts and conditions before heading to a trek or hike in a park.Check our post on security with tips and dangers you have to be prepared for.

Trekking Trail
These trails involve one to three days trekking and camping around Khao Yai. For more information, refer to ‘Khao Yai National Park Trekking Trails and Adventure activities in and around Khao Yai’ guidebook. [Ask at the parks office to purchase a copy]. make  sure to get prepared for treks, to get  the proper equipment and a qualified guide.

Hiking trail
There are 6mains touristic hiking trails which are about 2-8 kilometers and 1-5 hours of walking. Travelers have to ask for permission from the park’s officer before taking a trip.

Natural Trail
This trail, leading to Kong Kaeow Waterfall, includes interpretative information for those wishing to understand more about the forest they are visiting.
The Kong Kaeow Nature Trail, which begins behind the Visitor’s Centre, introduces the hiker to the flora of Khao Yai. It can be walked comfortably yin a half hour along a trail that crosses a swinging bridge, runs along the riverbank and passes Kong Kaeow Waterfall.

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