Cabbages & Condoms Khao Yai

Cabbages & Condoms is an NGO set up in 1974 which is an advocate of poverty alleviation, HIV/AIDS, family planning, women empowerment, environmental issues, education and rural development upon others. Following in the footsteps of their others successful venture across Thailand ,such as their famous restaurant in Bangkok, The C&C Khao Yai contributes in financing sustainable development projects throughout Thailand

On a gorgeous 17 hectares of mountain land, the resort offers different types of accommodations in low rise buildings with a total of 47 rooms.

Standard rates start at 2100 thb for a standard room, up to 8000 for a VIP suite with jacuzzi, tents are also available for 200 thb.

Hotel facilities includes: a swimming pool, 4 conference rooms, a restaurant and a vegetable farm

Many activities and eco tourism packages for groups are available

Location: Phia yen

Web: C&C Khao Yai

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